Trillions of

devices to


of people


PTB Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies in the digital identity ecosystem.


Why Digital Identity Matters

Identity is the lens through which to view the most profound social problems of today. 


What We Invest In

Social problems provide a robust design space for the application of today’s most exciting technology trends. 


our Investment Criteria

PTB seeks investments that are anchored in Digital Identity, but go well beyond any limited or narrow implementation.


Digital identity is a precondition of the fourth industrial revolution, a transformation that will see trillions of devices connected with billions of people, creating trillions of dollars of economic value from the security and inclusion of billions of people.


Identity is the foundation of trust in our social and economic communities. In the networked era, digital identity is the key to secure and inclusive networks, participation in which is directly correlated to our ability to generate value for ourselves and others.

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Across the globe, identity is at the core of the biggest socioeconomic challenges


Financial fraud/crime and inclusion

Financial fraud, crime and inclusion


Security and accessibility of global
communications and IT infrastructure


Access to basic health services and cost-efficient administration of care


Unlocking latent human capital in both the developing and developed world


why invest in identity

• Connected & networked devices

• Artificial intelligence

• Blockchain & distributed ledger technology

The most impactful social and economic applications of today's emergent technologies will be in the digital identity ecosystem. 

We are living through a period of profound disruption. While the future state is inherently uncertain, we do know that identity and reputation will be foundational to any and all network architectures and service delivery models that emerge.

In economic terms, this transformation will reduce both bargaining costs and risks thereby accelerating voluntary exchange on a global scale.



our investment criteria


• A focus on a social problem that forms the basis of a large TAM

• Technology breakthroughs (UI/UX) that enable better human experiences

• Security models which lower barriers to access


• Products that drive reductions in transaction costs and risks

• Value propositions for multiple network stakeholders

• Business models that typify sustainable, impact capitalism